Hey everyone!

Welcome to my site, super glad you're here!
A little bit about me:
I’m 26 years old. I got married on September 22nd of 2018, and I’ve got a LOT to learn! I’m a mess maker, I dork out about super cute things/romance, and am madly in love with my husband but have a hard time showing it.
I have 2 Devon Rex cats (Jenga & Oliver), and one dog (Riley). I've been practicing yoga since January of 2016 and I'm in love.

Yoga is a way of living, its teachings are meant to be felt and experienced. One cannot know how good life can be until they begin to experience Self Awareness. I love sharing my passions, talking about nutrition, health & wellness, and interacting with like minded people. 

I'm an artist, and have been for a few years. 

I aspire to learn about nutrition, wellness, life coaching and yoga, so that I can help to assist an individual become their healthiest selves. I teach 8 yoga classes a week, and am open to privates.

I'm a recipe developer. I enjoy creating in the kitchen and allowing myself to feel more at ease. Not to mention everything I make is healthy (and typically vegan and GF, but not always).

My husband Mike and I share a passion for wellness, awareness, growth and yoga. We aspire to teach workshops together and help others raise their own vibration so they can live a happy fulfilled life.

I love creating content, so I hope you enjoy all that I offer!