Essential Oils for Holistic Healing 

I personally use oils D A I L Y for therapeutic reasons, such as:
Emtional Healing/Understanding/Release
Mental Clarity/Focus/Concentration
Falling Asleep & Staying Asleep
Skin Conditions (acne)
Gut Health
& more

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My intention with sharing my love for oils is to inspire you to look at your life as a WHOLE.

Living a happy, holistic lifestyle means looking at ALL facets of your life, using several healing modalities and tools to keep you breathing, grounded, and connected to your inner self.
Life can be scary and difficult, which can lead us to close ourselves off and hide behind walls in order to feel safe. This can sometimes cause feelings of separation, anxiety, and depression.
I love using oils to help me understand myself more, and I hope to educate you on how to do the same for yourself.

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We can chat about what you’re looking for, and how I can assist you in finding the right oils for your needs.

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