October // Goals, Intentions & Reflections

F A L L - I S - H E R E

Hello everyone! It’s finally October, and I am SO excited for this month!
Not only am I in love with fall, but It’s my birthday month. A time of serious reflection, gratitude and change. I truly love the coziness of fall, snuggling in bed with my husband, hot drinks and cinnamon scents. I’m turning 26 this year! Whenever October comes around, I feel a sense of joy, excitement and motivation. I wanted to share with you all my goals & intensions for this month. Last month I experimented with a few things and I’d like to share that with you as well.


  1. Aim to practice Ashtanga Yoga 6 days a week

    This is going to be a serious challenge for me. I’d like to treat this opportunity like a Yoga Teacher Training. My practice has fallen into the back seat & I’d love to challenge myself to practice a more disciplined practice. Not to mention, I believe I will gain a lot of physical strength and flexibility if I commit to this. You can practice yoga and still make it VERY easy for yourself. OR, you can make it DIFFICULT & challenging by engaging as much muscle as you can, by maintaining your bhandas, & committing your energy to the practice. It’s a different ball game when you truly TRY.

  2. Practice Restorative Yoga once a week for at least 60 minutes

    I want to commit to Restorative Yoga once a week. I usually only practice one pose for 20-40 minutes and then end my practice. Restorative is so powerful for me, it helps me to release emotions bottled up under the surface, so for healing and cleansing purposes, I will be dedicating 1 hour a week to this practice.


    This is a big one. It’s day one of October and I had the intention of practicing Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week, however I overstretched my left hip flexor, and need to listen/respect my body. I cannot lift my leg without it wanted to drop back down, so practicing Ashtanga wouldn’t benefit my body. I may choose to practice Restorative Yoga, or a gentler yoga not focusing on my hips.

  4. Save $300 in my savings account

  5. Buy a beautiful, comfortable office chair

  6. Make 2-4 new youtube videos

  7. Spend more time showing physical attention to my husband

  8. Treat myself to something special (massage, facial, etc.)

  9. Finish the book You Are A Badass, & begin anoter

    A few good ones on my list are:





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I have a white board right next to my side of the bed. It hangs on the wall, is super huge and is one of the first things I see in the morning (besides my handsome husband). In September I wrote out a few goals I’d like to accomplish that month, and here’s how that went.


  1. Aquire 3 custom painting orders

    1. Butterfly painting 16x20” for Julie

    2. Inspirational painting for Jannette”

    3. Centered mandala 20x20” for Kristin

  2. Sell 3 customs

    1 painting was sold officially, one is being finished and will be delivered in 2 days, and the last one is a waiting game. The investor is sick and cannot meet at the moment, but the painting is finished and ready to go.

  3. Gain 50 more @artbysarahlynne followers from 65

    95 followers as of Sept 30th. 30 more followers.

  4. Save $100 & open a savings account

    $100 is set aside, waiting until tomorrow to deposit once the bank is open.

  5. Aquire a large mirror

    Will be buying it tomorrow!

  6. Get a facial

    Got one!! It felt great.

  7. Read 1 book

    Almost finished with it

For the most part, I accomplished everything on my list, or close too. Just putting everything down on paper (in my case, the white board) really helped me stay focused on what I wanted that month. I wanted to be reminded of my goals so I could continue to keep it in my awareness, and work towards it. Knowing that I was able to accomplish most of what was on my list, makes me even more excited for October and my goals, just to see what else I can manifest/accomplish.

I hope this post inspires you to put some serious thought towards what you want to happen in October! What do you want to accomplish? How much money do you want to make? What concerts do you want to see? Is there anything you want to add to your house? (new bedding/new utensils, more this new that). Do you want to be nicer? Kinder? Sexier? More confident? Do you want to treat yourself to something special? Have a dedicated spa day? Make a new recipe? Create a new piece of art? Spend more time with your kids/loved ones/friends?

Write it down! You can do it, just put thought towards it, stay focused, and believe you deserve what you want. Don’t hold expectations to needing those things to happen in order to believe that this works, just trust. And look for what does happen and let that be enough to fill you up with gratitude.

Happy new month everyone!

xo Sarah