2015-2018 Acne Journey

Hey everyone.
I've finally found a picture of my skin back in the day when it all began. Actually, I've had acne since middle school. However, the painful cystic acne began in 2015. Ouch, it looks painful, doesn't it?

The first set of pictures are from 2015, and the picture just above this text is from May of 2018. It has taken me a few years of trial and error to get my skin to be the way that it is. I do have occasional breakouts that result from poor food choices and stress (sometimes lack of sleep as well). 

Between 2015-2018 I've tried several different things to heal my acne and my scars. It's only now that my scars are beginning to fade. I wrote a post recently about my skincare routine, and that shows products I'm using that is helping my skin.

The truth about how I healed my acne is this:
1. I got real honest with myself and life. And trust me, that didn't happen over night..and it's still a major work in progress. I've come a long way with learning not to lie to myself anymore, or pretend I feel something other than the way I truly feel. So, tip number one, be honest with yourself and don't confuse your physce.

2. I eat a mostly plant based diet. I consume superfoods such as spirulina which is good for your skin and high in protein. Maca powder which enhances your libido, balances your hormones and boosts your energy. Vegetables which hydrate and nourish your body through vitamins and minerals. Greens which enhance your skins elasticity and reduces brain fog.

3. I practice yoga regularly. Whatever you do, move your body. Exercise, run, walk, ride your bike, dance, jump on a trampoline, play outside with your dog, power walk, pilates, yoga, fitness, cardio, anything. Mooooooove your body. Get your blood pumping.

4. I try to invert whenever I can. This isn't always often, but I try. Whether that's with legs up the wall, or hanging upside with my gravity boots (look them up online) they're rad.

5. Self-love. Your skin can be a reflection of what's going on internally. You could be majorly stressed out, lying to yourself about something going on in your life, pretending your happy when your miserable, or simply eating a poor diet. The biggest tool you can begin to acquire is learning how to be kind to yourself in every situation. I'm not perfect at this, but I try my best.

6. Water. Drink water and coconut water. Hydrate the body and enhance your mind to body connection.

7. Clean your skin, body, and environment. Saucha, part of the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Clean your space, your body, your mind and your skin. Use organic healthy products on your beautiful skin, dry brush your skin to improve circulation, and lather yourself with coconut oil to moisturize your body.

8. Patience. It's trial and error my friend. Just know that the dermatologist isn't always the answer...I tried several products from them, and they never truly seemed to care about my struggles. I was just another patient, and my insecurities didn't matter, only my money...
Go to your local health store and ask them for help on products that are good for the skin. Look back at my post  6 Ways To Help Soothe & Heal Cystic Acne 


Here is a present moment update of my skin. I am currently at a library writing this blog post. My skin is beginning to ease itself, but for the past 5 days or so my skin broke out SO badly, the worst its been since 2015. White heads, cystic acne, pain, inflammation, redness, you name it. This picture is from September 17th of 2018. I doesn’t look too bad, but believe me, it feels it. About 3 days ago the acne was worse, on the surface and really painful. Now, it’s beginning to fade. Depending on what is happening in life, changes what’s happening internally. My skin can be a reflection of several things

  1. Stress

  2. Diet

  3. Exhaustion

  4. Lack of exercise

  5. Lack of self love

  6. Holding myself back from growing

  7. Holding back my voice

I’ve found through trial and error it seems that these are major causes to my breakouts. Right now is just another one of those flare ups. It’s easy to get sucked into feeling like a victim.

I hope this blog helps you to realize that if you suffer from this as well, I’m right there with you. We all have our troubles, and this is one of mine. Just being honest and real with you all.